• Additional campaign for espresso machines! Pay in March and WIN JURA espresso machine!

    01. January 2018

    We are glad to announce that in addition to JURA A7 giveaway campaign you can rent JURA professional espresso machine so that you don’t have to pay rent for 1 month!

    Terms and conditions:

    • In order to participate in the campaign you have to sign a rental contract of JURA professional espresso machine with Saku Läte OÜ (2.01.2018-31.01.2018)
    • Rental contract is signed for 2 years (minimum).
    • Rent one of the following coffee machines: Jura GIGA X8, Jura GIGA X8c, Jura GIGA X3, Jura Giga X3c, Jura XJ9, Jura WE8.
    • The client does not have to pay JURA coffee machine rent for January. The next invoice will be issued in March (for February’s rental fee).
    • Campaign period: 2.01.2018-31.01.2018.
    • When you sign a JURA professional espresso machine contract with Saku Läte, you automatically participate in „Win JURA A7 espresso machine“ campaign. We will announce the winner in April.

    Saku Läte
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