Drinking water and water dispensers

Saku Läte drinking water has been recognised with the swallow-adorned quality label Tunnustatud Eesti Maitse (TEM or Approved Estonian Taste).

How is the quality control of Saku Läte drinking water carried out?

  • The production of drinking water of Saku Läte OÜ relies on the Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Food Act of the Republic of Estonia. These legislations provide the food operator with more stringent requirements for the control of the raw material used for the production of drinking water and the overall conformity of the drinking water production process.
  • Saku Läte OÜ ensures the high quality of the production process through a self-check plan that describes the risks related to the daily production of drinking water and provides the actions to keep those risks under control.
  • The performance of the HACCP system of Saku Läte OÜ, and the compliance with the legislation is verified twice a year by the supervisory officials of the national supervisory authority, the Veterinary and Food Board and the food safety. In addition, our activities are regularly monitored by the inspectors of the Health Board and the Environmental Board.
  • The compliance of the quality of the produced drinking water is verified daily by the production manager of Saku Läte OÜ.
  • The nationally accredited Central Laboratory of the Health Board carries out checks of both the groundwater and the finished products on a monthly basis.

How to store water

  • Store the water bottles and the water cooler in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight or next to a source of heat (radiator).
  • The water bottle cap is marked with the bottling date and best-before date. Follow the best-before date indicated on the bottle cap.
  • Use and keep the water cooler prudently and maintain its correct appearance.
  • Use only Saku Läte drinking water with Saku Läte’s water coolers.
Joogivesi ja veeautomaadid

CoolTouch water dispensers

The water dispenser series ‘CoolTouch’ has been developed within the group, taking into account our customers’ wishes. It is a unique and new-generation series of water dispensers based on energy efficiency and innovation. CoolTouch water dispensers can be rented in three body colours: gold, silver or black.


CoolTouch water dispensers from Saku Läte

Elegant in design
Touchscreen panel
Silent operation mode
Cup lighting
Hot water ‘Child Lock’
Built-in cup holder for 100 cups (200 ml)
Gas termination alert (Carbo models only)
Water bottle exchange alert
Water bottle leak alert

36 x 35 x 115 cm (without a bottle)
Hot water 92–95 °C
Cold water 3–10 °C
Carbonated water 3–10 °C (Carbo models only)

Made from recyclable materials
Automatic internal cleaning system
Energy efficient. The water cooler is activated only on movement.


CoolTouch Karbo

Bottled water Carbonated Cold water Hot water Ask for a quotation

CoolTouch Extra

Bottled water Room-temperature water Cold water Hot water Ask for a quotation

CoolTouch Karbo POU

Connectable with waterworks Carbonated Cold water Hot water Water Stop Ask for a quotation

CoolTouch Extra POU

Connectable with waterworks Room-temperature water Cold water Hot water Water Stop Ask for a quotation

Extra Disain water dispensers

Vector Smart Object

Extra Disain water dispensers

Bottled water Cold water Hot water Ask for a quotation