• Totally renewed CoolTouch 4 water dispenser! LIMITED EDITION!

    08. August 2019

    Saku Läte is glad to announce that we have launched a new updated CoolTouch water dispenser!

    What’s new?

    • New energy saving system.
    • Bacteria free CoolTouch 4! e.g bottle neck and tap automatic sterilization.
    • 4 functions! Hot and cold water, carbonised water, room temperature water.
    • Gently sparkling or strongly carbonated? Option to regulate the temperature of carbonated water and it helps to regulate the intensity of carbonated water.
    • Quiet operating mode.
    • New software.

    Still excited? Sign a new contract today, CLICK HERE or write an e-mail to get a personal quote tallinn@sakulate.ee. See our campaing below:

    Sign a renewed CoolTouch water dispenser contract and you’ll automatically participate in the giveaway with a chance to win a bluetooth speaker (JBL).

    Terms and conditions:

    • Campain is valid for only new contracts or additional contracts signed by new or existing clients.
    • Campaign will not expand to the existing CoolTouch contracts or by exchanging the existing CoolTouch version for the newer version.
    • Campaign period: 8.08.19-8.09.19 or while supplies last.
    • This is a limited edition offer.
    • We will announce the winner 10.09.19 on Saku Läte homepage under the „important notices“ section.


    CoolTouch water dispenser series is patented and developed by the group company where Saku Läte is part of.


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