• Special Offer: Pay in June!

    19. March 2020

    It is essential to consume pure and quality drinking water every day.
    Today we service home and offices e.g when it comes to home we suggest POU versions or bottle-version water dispensers.
    We have developed a new CoolTouch 4 which cleans itself from the inside with a built-in ozone generator. Ozone destroys viruses and bacteria.

    CoolTouch 4 comes in 3 versions- „Cold, Hot, Room Temperature Water“ or „Cold, Hot, Room Temperature Water and Carbonated Water“ and POU version which has carbonated water option! Hot water temperature is perfect for making tea.

    It’s good time to rent CoolTouch 4 now as the first invoice is received in June.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Campaign applies to all CoolTouch water dispensers’ contracts that are signed 19.03.20-19.04.20.
    • Campaign applies to new clients, new delivery locations, additional contracts or by changing other model of  water dispenser to new CoolTouch (except for CoolTouch to CoolTouch).
    • The Client receives his/her first invoice in June for May’s rental period.

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    Saku Läte
    Drinking water that cares.