• Only for the first 50 clients! Special offer!

    30. December 2019

    For the first time in Saku Läte history we offer you a discount price for the water dispensers CoolTouch!

    Are you familiar with the CoolTouch series yet? All CoolTouch water dispensers make hot and cold water but if you love carbonated water or room temperature water too, then choose your favourite CoolTouch:

    CoolTouch Karbo- extra feature: carbonated water. Special price only in January 25 eur + VAT (hot, cold and carbonated water).

    CoolTouch Extra- extra feature: room temperature water. Special price only in January 15 eur + VAT (hot, cold and room temperature water).

    Only for the first 50 customers! Be quick! Contact here tallinn@sakulate.ee

    Terms and conditions:

    Campaign period: 1.01.2020-31.01.2020.

    Campaign products: CoolTouch Karbo and CoolTouch Extra.

    Campaign is valid for all the new contracts (including additional contracts for the existing clients).

    Capaign does not apply to the contracts that already exist (except for the additional contracts).

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