• Finally 🌨️! We found the secret to enjoy some snow!

    13. February 2020

    Worried that there will be no snow this winter? Don’t worry! We found a way to get some snow!
    NEW long awaited WHITE-AS-SNOW CoolTouch is here! ❄️!
    Thta’s not all. This is our newest generation water dispenser CoolTouch 4!

    What’s so special about it?

    • New energy saving system.
    • Bacteria free CoolTouch 4! e.g bottle neck and tap automatic sterilization.
    • 4 functions! Hot and cold water, carbonised water, room temperature water.
    • Gently sparkling or strongly carbonated? Option to regulate the temperature of carbonated water and it helps to regulate the intensity of carbonated water.
    • Quiet operating mode.
    • New software.

    Pick your favourite colour and get a price quotation https://sakulate.ee/en/get-offer/

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