Saku Läte gives its contribution in order to preserve the nature and the environment.

  • We have joined with the non-profit association Eesti Taaskasutusorganisatsioon (ETO).
  • We sort the waste: broken wooden pallets, membrane, residual plastic and metal of apparatus. We send defective containers and cardboard to the recycling and recovery.
  • We reduce the paper usage: – we use in-house copy papers by printing on both sides of the paper, – we print equipment maintenance acts on a single copy instead of three, – we prefer to sign contracts digitally.
  • We use reusable packaging: plastic waste occurs far less.
  • When washing the bottles, we use the wash water repeatedly: we use the water remaining from the wash of bottles in the prewash process where the bottles are washed on the outside.
  • We have begun to produce and develop a new water cooler product line, CoolTouch, which is energy efficient and which have been manufactured using recycled materials.